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Hitori can be a bit daunting for beginner players. There are several starting positions and patterns to look for that will help you solve a hitori puzzle.

Starting Positions
-If there are 3 identical digits in a sequence in a row or column, the middle cell must be white so can be circled and the outer two cells must be black. This is because if the center cell were black, one of the other two cells adjacent to it would also have to be black to ensure there's only one of that digit in the row or column which is not valid, as no adjacent black cells are allowed.

-When 1 digit is sandwiched by 2 different, but identical to each other digits, the middle digit must be circled. Since one of the outside 2 numbers must be black, the inside number must be white or there would be adjacent black cells.

-If 2 identical numbers are adjacent and the row or column contains another identical digit, the digit by itself must be black. If not, then both the adjacent cells would have to be black.

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